The Great American E-Book and the Death of the American Dream


Creativity and the ability to express yourself is a nature given gift.  The first time I put pen to paper (yes it was that long ago) I was four.  It was a little story about my family encountering Bigfoot on a camping trip.  Who and how I killed off members of my family would later be the key to several things in therapy, but I digress.

In today’s world that four year old, besides being deeply disturbed, can be a best selling author almost over night.  We are living in a dark time for the publishing industry where anyone can be a published author.  Well, not in the traditional sense, but they can certainly spew what they think is literature or philosophy onto a phone, tablet or laptop then watch a YouTube video on “How To Format An E-Book” and minutes later, after they upload to Amazon, they are a published offer.

The next step is to get his older sister, a girl who’s fame came from her non-existing bikini and a growing and loyal group of twitter followers, to say that book is the best thing she’s ever read.  Although her capacity to read might certainly be in question.  Then within hours as her mindless sycophants hit purchase on their porn-crammed kindles our 4 year old author is off to a great start.

Let’s face it, fame is not what it used to be and hard work and knowledge have been replaced with tits and ass.  Sometimes actual tits and ass and sometimes just figuratively.  If you don’t believe me start checking the educations and credits of some popular bloggers.  Start with me.  I have absolutely no credentials, education or training to take your money in exchange for my words… and sadly, that is the new American Dream.

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