• Why I Do What I Do.

    What are words?  Our words are out thoughts come alive.  They create and define us.  They mold our world.  They are who we are to our friends, loved ones… our enemies.

  • Need a sitter? There’s an app for that!

    Great news for bad parents.  Now you can even spend less time with the fruit of your loins thanks to the newest tablet based babysitting app.  Utilizing the two way camera chat features just leave a window open on your computer at work and you’re good to go… without the offspring.

  • Poodles Are The New Chihuahuas.

    There’s a new top dog in town with Hollywood’s elite.

  • From Pole to Webcam, the New Gold Rush.

    Get this… so now a pretty girl with an adventurous spirit no longer needs to leave the safety of her home to make an honest living rubbing herself raw.  In just five short years webcam income has surpassed strip club income by a staggering  1500%.